The plastic models you find on this page are all over 20 to 40 years old... and...have all been smashed, stomped and crushed.  A lot of original items were lost in the destruction - but - they have been rebuilt.   Which only goes to prove... anything that has been broken can most likely be fixed.


Dracula on a new base.   Circa 1960's.

The mummy, legs crushed almost beyond repair were rebuilt.  Original Aurora model from the 1960's

Dr. Jekyll turning into Mr. Hyde.  Many items lost.  But a new base was recreated.  An original 60's model.

Dracula and Frankenstein from the 70's.  Only needed a little glue

A 90's re-issue of Frankenstein... a little glue and he lives again.

A before shot of a smashed original 1960's hunchback.....

Hunchback repaired.  Missing one rope however.  Next up: The Wolfman. Smashed and crushed, this one must be fixed.  My father and I built this together back in 1962.  My father (now gone) painted the face and the rocks.

The Boys are back together!



Looks like Batman & Robin lost one....


.... But after a trip to the Batcave, they're as good as new





Addams Family house



The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

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